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Photos of Marilyn Monroe with her books

31 Aug

Photos of Paris flood, 1910

31 Aug

The 1910 Great Flood of Paris was a catastrophe in which the Seine River, carrying winter rains from its tributaries, flooded Paris, France, and several nearby communities.

In late January 1910, following months of high rainfall, the Seine River flooded the French capital when water pushed upwards from overflowing sewers and subway tunnels, and seeped into basements through fully saturated soil. The waters did not overflow the river’s banks within the city, but flooded Paris through tunnels, sewers, and drains. In neighbouring towns both east and west of the capital, the river rose above its banks and flooded the surrounding terrain directly. [More on Wikipedia, via]

US Bikini Laws,1922

31 Aug

June 30, 1922. Washington policeman Bill Norton measuring the distance between knee and suit at the Tidal Basin bathing beach after Col. Sherrell, Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds, issued an order that suits not be over six inches above the knee.’ [National Photo Co., via]

Korean War

31 Aug

The Korean War (25 June 1950 – armistice signed 27 July 1953) was a conventional war between South Korea, supported by the United Nations, and North Korea, supported by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), with military material aid from the Soviet Union. The war was a result of the physical division of Korea by an agreement of the victorious Allies at the conclusion of the Pacific War at the end of World War II. The Korean peninsula was ruled by Japan from 1910 until the end of World War II. Following the surrender of Japan in 1945, American administrators divided the peninsula along the 38th Parallel, with United States troops occupying the southern part and Soviet troops occupying the northern part. [via]

A US howitzer position near the Kum River, 15 July

Korean civilians pass an M-46 tank

A GI comforts a grieving infantryman

The U.S. Air Force attacking railroads south of Wonsan on the eastern coast of North Korea

General Douglas MacArthur, UN Command CiC (seated), observes the naval shelling of Incheon from the USS Mt. McKinley, 15 September 1950

Combat in the streets of Seoul

Chinese forces cross the Yalu River

Soldiers from the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division in action near the Ch’ongch’on River, 20 November 1950

B-26 Invaders bomb logistics depots in Wonsan, North Korea, 1951

American flame thrower units advancing toward a tunnel entrance

ROK soldiers dump spent artillery casings

Supporting the 8th ROK Army Division, a Sherman tank fires its 76 mm gun at KPA bunkers at “Napalm Ridge”, Korea, 11 May 1952

MiG Alley: A MiG-15 shot down by an F-86 Sabre

The KPAF shot down some 16 B-29 Superfortress bombers in the war

A US Navy Sikorsky HO4S flying near the USS Sicily

To disrupt North Korean communications, the USS Missouri fires a salvo from its 16-inch guns at shore targets near Chongjin, North Korea, 21 October 1950

Atom bomb test, 1951. This was the Operation Buster-Jangle Dog shot, on 1 November

ROK soldiers walk among the bodies of political prisoners executed near Daejon, July 1950

Two Hill 303 survivors after being rescued by American units, 17 August 1950

An executed U.S. Army POW of the U.S. 21st Infantry Regiment killed 9 July 1950. Picture taken 10 July 1950

National Defense Corps soldiers in January, 1951

Early summer in Oxford, 1924

28 Aug

Antikamnia Chemical Company Calendars 1899 and 1900

28 Aug

Ireland in Color Pictures, 1920s

28 Aug

Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, 1953

27 Aug

Agatha Christie and her surf board, 1922

26 Aug

‘Agatha Christie on Waikiki beach, Hawaii, 1922. She was travelling with her first husband, Archie, and mastered stand-up surfing, becoming one of the earliest Britons known to do so.’

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

26 Aug
Paris Hilton, 1995

Lady Gaga, 2004

Sean Penn, 1982

Jennifer Lopez, 1987

Matt Damon, 1988

Madonna, 1975

Madonna, 1974

Justin Timberlake, 1991

Scarlett Johansson, 2002

Leonardo DiCaprio, 1991

Natalie Portman, 1999

Jake Gyllenhaal, 1998

Bradley Cooper, 1992

Ryan Reynolds, 1994

Taylor Swift, 2006

Paris Hilton, 1987

Jennifer Garner, 1990

Rob Lowe, 1982