Early Photos of Celebrities in Venice

9 Sep

These are some retro photos of very famous celebrities on vacation in Venice. The photos range from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Gene Tierney in Venice, 1945. “Laura” star Gene Tierney, wearing a striped short-sleeved shirt, lounges on a gondola boat.

Kirk Douglas in Venice, 1953. Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas, wearing a swimming suit and a necklace chainlet, signing on the thigh of painter Novella Parigini, wearing a strapless bikini and round earrings and a woman wearing a strapless polka-dotted bikini, Lido Beach.

Ernest Hemingway in Venice, 1954. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Literary lion Ernest Hemingway, wearing a short sleeves shirt over a plaid shirt, his hurt arm bandaged, drinking vodka from the bottle.

Gary Cooper in Venice, 1955. Hollywood legend Gary Cooper, on a venetian gondola, lighting a cigarette, the gondolier behind him.

Brigitte Bardot in Venice, 1958. French sexbomb Brigitte Bardot with her partner, the french jazz guitarist Sasha Distel, she is wearing a dress, a diamonds hairband and a precious necklace , surrounded by men in tuxedo.

Anthony Quinn and Barbara Steele in Venice, 1958

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher in Venice, 1960. Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher visit Burano Island in the Venice lagoon in 1960. That year, they would costar in “Butterfield 8,” which would win Taylor her first Best Actress Oscar.

Salvador Dali in Venice, 1961

Sue Lyon in Venice, 1962. “Lolita” star Sue Lyon,wearing a strapless, striped swimming suit and holding her trademark sunglasses, portrayed lying on a gondola.

Paul Newman in Venice, 1963

Rod Steiger in Venice, 1963. With his wife Claire Bloom.

Warren Beatty in Venice, 1965. Actor and director Warren Beatty with a girlfriend poses near the Hotel Excelsior during the Venice Film Festival.

Claudia Cardinale in Venice, 1967. “Once Upon a Time in the West” star, Italian actress.

Catherine Deneuve in Venice, March 1968. French actress Catherine Deneuve on the set of the movie ‘Mayerling’, wearing a coat and a beret, a paintbrush in her mouth with photographer behind her.

Sean Connery in Venice, 1970s. Debonair Scottish actor Sean Connery, portrayed on a water taxi with his hair in a mess because of the wind, looking behind his back, in the venetian lagoon with Venice in the background.

Mick Jagger in Venice, 1971. Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, wearing a suit, sitting next to Bianca Jagger wearing a white poncho and sunglasses, in a gondola, with the gondolier behind them.

[via Izismile.com]


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