Amazing Pictures Of New York City In The Early 1900s

30 Nov

New York, like most older American cities, has changed plenty over the centuries.

But one ever-present trait is the city’s photogenic nature: it’s the backdrop of many a tourist photo, Hollywood movie, and music video.

This urban beauty even extends back to the early 1900s. The Library of Congress affords us the opportunity to look back at New York when it was just entering the 20th century.

What was life like in 1900? How have some of our favorite landmarks changed? And what looks remarkably the same?

City Hall, Manhattan

Coney Island

Federal Hall

Times Square

Union Square, flower market

11th Avenue

34th Street and 5th Avenue

Central Park

City Hall subway station

College of the City of New York

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Greenwich Village, hot dog festival

Harlem River

Madison Square

Mott Street (Chinatown)

Prospect Park

South Street Seaport

Statue of Liberty, from the torch

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Washington Bridge and Harlem River Drive


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