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Kansas Train Wrecks

29 Sep
Train coming in the aftermath of a locomotive wreck, probably 1917

Cleaning up train wreck, Stilwell, Kansas, ca. 1917

Aftermath of train wreck, 1917

Train/auto wreck near Aubry, Kansas, 1939

Onlookers at train wreck, Edgerton, Kansas 1948

Images from Johnson County Museum via

Bus in a crater, 1940s

1 Aug

These pictures were taken by William Vandivert in September 1940. Vandivert was a staff photographer for LIFE magazine, and a founder of Magnum Photos.

Old Paris

28 Jul

These photos are from collection of the very famous French documentation photo-agency Roger-Viollet and show some extraordinary sights.

Tour de France In The Early 1930s

25 Jul

Car Accidents

12 Jul

Funny and Weird pictures

19 Jun

Accidents from 100 years ago

4 May