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Vanity Fair clothing advertising from 1950s-1960s

20 Nov

These are advertisements for Vanity Fair clothing from the Vanity Fair mills. The ads ran in the 1950s and 1960s. The ads I posting here are culled from old New Yorker magazines.

The company was established first as Reading Glove and Mitten Manufacturing Company in Pennsylvania in October of 1899 by John Barbey and a group of investors. The company was started with $11,000 and a 320-square-foot (30 m2) factory that was leased for $60/month. It was incorporated in Pennsylvania on December 4 of that same year. The manufacture of undergarments is begun in 1919 and is accompanied by a name change to Vanity Fair Mills. Shares were sold to the public in 1951. The H.D. Lee Company (now Lee Jeans) was acquired by the company in 1969 and the corporate name is changed to VF Corporation to reflect the more diverse product line. Blue Bell Inc., the owner of such brands as Wrangler and JanSport, was acquired in 1986, effectively doubling the size of VF and making it the largest publicly held apparel company.

[Wikipedia, via What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?]

7UP Vintage Billboard Posters in 1960-70s

11 Nov


Vintage Color Television Ads

7 Oct

Girl smoking

11 Sep
a cigarette glamour shot from 1902

a Belly Dancer with a cigarette on her hand

a photograph from a cigarette advertisement in 1900. The advertisement was for “Egyptian Deities” cigarettes.

a large advertisement for Camel Cigarettes

Unbelievable Retro Advertising Posters

8 Sep

Western Dames in Vintage Art and Advertising

2 Sep

Spooky Vintage Ads

30 Jul

Kickin’ Jeans

26 Jul

A funny fashion advertisement in 1970s

Getting That New Bike Down the Chimney

13 Jul

Soviet Export Advertising 1960s

9 Jul