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Old Movie Posters for Adults

7 Oct

Retro Men’s Magazine Covers (more)

1 Oct

Retro Men’s Magazine Covers

26 Sep

Men’s Magazine Covers: Escapade

19 Sep

Vintage Men’s Magazines: Cavalier

11 Sep

Anne Brigman photography

6 Sep

Anne Wardrope (Nott) Brigman (1869–1950) was an American photographer and one of the original members of the Photo-Secession movement in America. Her most famous images were taken between 1900 and 1920, and depict nude women in primordial, naturalistic contexts. [Wikipedia]

The Heart of the Storm

The Source, 1907

Storm Tree, 1915



Soul of the blasted pine

The cleft of the rock

The Dying Cedar

The Breeze

Trashy Novel Covers of Yesteryear

13 Jul

The Worst Album Covers Ever Created?

3 May

Phil Interlandi’s Playboy Cartoons

4 Jan

Doug Sneyd’s Playboy Cartoons

4 Jan