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Color Pictures of Ukraine from 1890 – 1900

25 Nov

Air travelling in 1930s-40s

12 Nov
An airplane from British Imperial Airways, taken in the early 1930’s

This picture is from 1938, and famous chefs are shown loading cakes onto the airplane for the passengers

The picture was taken in Pennsylvania in 1938, which would have been the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg


Passengers at the airport in Washington DC, 1938

Taken at an airport in Israel, 1935

This picture was taken in 1943, and the President was being flown to North Africa


Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) 1939-1949

12 Jun

The work undertaken by the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) was wide ranging; from cooking to meteorology; from administrative duties to maintaining and repairing aircraft.

Women replaced RAF personnel in those trades where there were shortages. There was an ebb and flow of requirements. The safety and physical well-being of the women were primary concerns. Except for nursing orderlies, aircrew duty was never approved.

Assistant Section Officer Elizabeth Weightman. Photographic interpretation played an important role in assessing targets

WAAF armourers preparing a bomberaircraft for an operation

WAAFs helped to bring back casualties and prisoners of war from Europe soon after D-Day

WAAFs in the Middle East, circa 1944

RAF station dance, Bradwell Bay 1944

WAAF Flight Mechanics

Douglas XTB2D Skypirate

11 Jun

The Douglas TB2D Skypirate (also known as the Devastator II) was a torpedo bomber intended for service with the United States Navy’s Midway class aircraft carriers; they were too large for earlier decks. Two prototypes were completed, but the dedicated torpedo bomber was becoming an outdated concept and with the end of World War II, the type was no longer needed, resulting in the project’s cancellation.

This is how the final service model would have appeared

20 Badass Photos Of Vintage Planes

11 May

The San Diego Air & Space Museum just dumped over 100,000 photos into an account on Flickr.


Ryan STMs circa 1938

6 May

Ryan Military Flying School PT Trainers

6 May