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8 Oct

Bikes, bicycles, pushbikes

20 Sep

It’s as easy as riding a bike. These photographs from the collection of the State Library of New South Wales celebrate the timeless joy of the bicycle.

Man on a penny-farthing bicycle being chased by his sister (Maggie & Bob Spiers) – West Wyalong, NSW, C. 1900

Billie Samuels leaving to ride to Melbourne on a Malvern Star bicycle, 4 July 1934, by Sam Hood

Close-up of Billie Samuels on the Malvern Star bike showing her koala bear mascot before leaving for Melbourne, 4 July 1934, by Sam Hood

Billie Samuels on a Malvern Star cycle leaving for Melbourne from Martin Place, 4 July 1934, by Sam Hood

Waratah Rovers Bicycle Club (WRBC) on tour. Sydney – Campbelltown – Appin – Bulli – South Coast. Photo taken at Picton – Picton, NSW, October 1900

Waratah Rovers Bicycle Club (WRBC) on tour. Sydney – Campbelltown – Appin – Bulli – South Coast. Photo taken at Picton outside the Royal Hotel – Picton, NSW, October 1900

Man and woman on a Malvern Star abreast tandem bicycle, c. 1930s, by Sam Hood

Alfred Lee and penny farthing, Glen Street, North Sydney, undated / photographer unknown

School teacher (Miss Marley) at Narraburra School – Narraburra, NSW, no date, by Eden Photo Studios

Jenolan Caves, April 1903, photographed by Edward J. Cooke

Man on bicycle pillioning boy – Bunaloo, NSW, n.d.

Brownie (Muriel Long) with bicycle decorated for street procession – Deniliquin, NSW, n.d.

Studio photograph of Annie Dawson Wallace seated on a bicycle – Sydney, NSW, 1899

Annie Dawson Wallace with her bicycle. NB- Annie is wearing trousers – Sydney, NSW, 1899

Waratah Rovers Bicycle Club (WRBC) 1898 – Sydney, NSW

Palace Emporium Bicycle Club. Century riders – Sydney area, NSW, July 1899

Scone Bicycle Club Road Race – Scone, NSW, 9 June 1906

Joyce Barry advertising for Milk Board, September 1939

A. H. Sheppard, Australian Champion, c. 1913

Reggie ‘Iron Man’ McNamara (1887-1971) was a champion Australian cyclist

Line up of competitors at Goulburn, Goulburn to Sydney, Dunlop Road Race, c. 1930s

Hubert Opperman eating an ice cream next to a Peter’s Ice Cream Reo truck,1936, by Sam Hood

Oppy (Hubert Opperman) and woman, possibly Edna Sayers, on tandem bicycle, by Sam Hood

Four cyclists on speed bicycles on rollers time trials to promote Malvern Star by Sam Hood

Cyclists camp during a road race, by Sam Hood

Two men in plus-fours on a tandem, by Sam Hood

Finish, Goulburn-Sydney Dunlop road race, Joseph St, Lidcombe, by Sam Hood

Boys of Hoyts Clovelly Theatre ‘Spider’s Web’ Club ride their bikes while ‘Spiderman’ looks on, by Sam Hood

Cycle races, including a six days race, at a Sydney velodrome, Moore Park, by Sam Hood

Jim and Nancy Davenport, Albury, NSW, 11 December 1938, by – J E N Davenport

Malvern Star Bicycle Competition, Stanmore Theatre (taken for Acme Theatres), 4 May 1946, by Sam Hood

Tom Morris, skipping champion (taken for Greater Union Theatres), 28 June 1937, by Sam Hood

Mr Waterhouse had the first motorcycle that came to Singleton and he built the front carrier for passenger – Singleton, NSW, n.d.

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18 Jun

These motorcycles are from different countries and all date from World War II.


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