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Remembering September 11th

6 Sep

Ten years after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, we remember and here, just take a look back.

The South Tower falls

Firemen struggle to extinguish blazes near the disaster site

Rescue workers carry Fire Department Chaplain Father Mychal Judge from the rubble. Father Judge was killed by falling debris

Firefighters search for survivors in the wreckage

A rescue worker pauses to rest during the search and rescue operation

Survivors leave the World Trade Center site shortly after the attack

Firefighters amidst the rubble

People emerge from the dust cloud of the wreckage

The lobby of the World Financial Center in the days after the attack

The skeleton of the building collapses in on itself

A sign in Times Square memorializes a firefighter killed when the Towers collapsed

A man searches posters at St. Vincent’s Hospita

Yellow ribbons are tied to a fence near the disaster site

Photographs from the archive of TIME photographer James Nachtwey.

Photos of Paris flood, 1910

31 Aug

The 1910 Great Flood of Paris was a catastrophe in which the Seine River, carrying winter rains from its tributaries, flooded Paris, France, and several nearby communities.

In late January 1910, following months of high rainfall, the Seine River flooded the French capital when water pushed upwards from overflowing sewers and subway tunnels, and seeped into basements through fully saturated soil. The waters did not overflow the river’s banks within the city, but flooded Paris through tunnels, sewers, and drains. In neighbouring towns both east and west of the capital, the river rose above its banks and flooded the surrounding terrain directly. [More on Wikipedia, via]

The 1927 Mississippi River flood photos

12 May

The 1927 Mississippi River flood was one of the most devastating floods in American history. It caused over $400 million in damages, killed 246 people and left thousands homeless.