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Color Pictures of Egypt in 1920

29 Oct

Incredible Photographs from the 1911 Australasian Antarctic Expedition

25 Oct

The Australasian Antarctic Expedition was a team of Australasian scientists that ventured to Antarctica in 1911, exploring the land until their return in 1914.

(Photos via the National Library of Australia Commons and Flavorwire)

Kodachrome Photos of the American Southwest

25 Oct

During the 1950s, Martin Karplus, a Professor of Theoretical Chemistry and Biophysics at Harvard, traveled through the Southwest as a post-doctorate fellow. The richly-hued images that he captured on Kodachrome during his visit. (via)

Flatiron Building

24 Oct

The Flatiron Building, or Fuller Building, as it was originally called, is located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan, New York City and is considered to be a groundbreaking skyscraper. Upon completion in 1902 it was one of the tallest buildings in the city and the only skyscraper north of 14th Street. The building sits on a triangular island block formed by Fifth Avenue, Broadway and East 22nd Street, with 23rd Street grazing the triangle’s northern (uptown) peak. It anchors the south (downtown) end of Madison Square, and the north (uptown) end of the Ladies’ Mile Historic District. (via)

Flatiron Building, New York. The Manhattan landmark under construction circa 1902.

The Flatiron Building circa 1903, with Broadway on the left and Fifth Avenue on the right, and lots of street traffic all around this early skyscraper shortly after its completion.

Circa 1904. Electric omnibuses at the Flatiron Building.

New York circa 1905. Flat-iron corner after snowstorm.

New York circa 1905. Flatiron Building, corner after snow storm.

New York circa 1905. The iconic proto-skyscraper early in its life.

New York circa 1905. Flatiron Building, Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Another view of everyone’s favorite proto-skyscraper, at anchor in Manhattan.

August 1909. Yet another iteration of everyone’s favorite proto-skyscraper.

August 1909. One of Detroit Publishing’s favorite subjects, making its eighth appearance here.

New York circa 1909. Panorama of Madison Square. This glass plate, part of a nine-exposure panorama, affords yet another view of that enduring architectural icon, the Flatiron Building. 

1910 Irving Underhill photo of the 22-story Flatiron (Fuller) Building at 175 Fifth Avenue, one of the earliest (1902) buildings in New York to attain such heights.

New York, April 1917. “Recruiting address — 23rd & Broadway (Flatiron Building).”

Images: Shorpy.

England 1890

14 Oct

Amazing Pictures of Old Paris

13 Oct

These photos are from collection of the very famous French documentation photo-agency Roger-Viollet.

Moscow 1960

9 Oct