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Picasso painting in light, 1949

27 Nov

Images of a Woman

9 Nov

It is the painting, named “Images of a Woman” that all four of the Beatles painted while staying in the Tokyo Hilton while in Japan in 1966. When they were finished with the painting, they all signed it in the middle (where the lamp sat while they were painting). The painted was presented by the Beatles to fan club president Tetsuaburo Shimoyama. The last it was seen was in 2005 in an ebay auction. (via)

Sonia Delaunay garments in 1920s

13 Jun

Sonia Delaunay (nėe Terk) (November 14, 1885 – December 5, 1979) was a Jewish-French artist who, with her husband Robert Delaunay and others, cofounded the Orphism art movement, noted for its use of strong colours and geometric shapes. Her work extends to painting, textile design and stage set design. She was the first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre in 1964, and in 1975 was named an officer of the French Legion of Honor.

This is one of her carpet designs.

Celebrities in the Renaissance

29 May

The Year 2000 As Imagined In 1910

3 Mar

The National Library of France (BnF) has an amazing collection of prints from 1910 which depict life in the year 2000. They are credited to Villemard.

[via Damn Cool Pics]