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Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood, 1961

21 Nov

All images by Ralph Crane
LIFE Archive, via How to be a Retronaut

Cats in the navy

9 Nov

Incredible Photographs from the 1911 Australasian Antarctic Expedition

25 Oct

The Australasian Antarctic Expedition was a team of Australasian scientists that ventured to Antarctica in 1911, exploring the land until their return in 1914.

(Photos via the National Library of Australia Commons and Flavorwire)

Retro pictures with dogs

19 Oct

Interesting black and white retro photos

14 Aug

These are some rather interesting black and white retro photos. The people and the scenes are quite unusual at least by today’s standards.

Gorgeous Vintage Dog Photos

25 Jul

Funny and Weird pictures

19 Jun

Classic Humorous Photos from Life Magazine [P.II]

16 Jun

Classic Humorous Photos from Life Magazine

15 Jun

For many years, America’s favorite magazine signed off with an amusing — often outrageous photograph designed to leave the reader laughing. LIFE Laughs Last collects more than 200 of these hilarious photographs — every one guaranteed to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

Cat Ladies

14 May