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New York City in Black & White during the mid-1930s

25 May
34th Street

Under the elevated train

Bread Store, 259 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

Brooklyn to Manhattan

Blossom Restaurant, 103 Bowery, Manhattan

Penn-Station, Interior Manhattan

Starrett Lehigh Building, 601 West, 26th Street, Manhattan

Fulton Fish Market

Downtown Skyport. That’s the Woolworth Tower in the background

Union Square

The tin man

Moscow in 1930s [more]

27 Apr

Anti-NEP propaganda

“Fire Protection Propaganda Station”

Sukharev Tower, blown up in 1934

The Vladimir Gate on Lubyanka square, destroyed in 1934

House of Culture of the “Kauchuk” factory

The “Zuev” House of Culture

The “Rusakov” Workers’ Club

Moiseevskaya square

Tram station on the Moiseevskaya square

New car in old Moscow

Foreigners taking photos at MosTorg

Foreigner taking photos

Kvas and mors (berry beer) seller

“A better customer service for the workers!”

Manifestation along Krasnoprudnaya street

Perhaps the interior of the TORGSIN (foreign currency shop)

Queue in front of the shop of Armenian drinks along the Pyatnitsa street

Birzhevaya square

Sokolniki, Green theatre

Sylvester Stallone’s father selling foreign currency at the wall of Kitaigorod

“Soyuzpechat”, newspaper seller at the wall of Kitaigorod

Taxi station at the Leningrad railway station

Carter along the Strominka

The Interurban Station

16 Feb
The Interurban Railroad provided passenger service between Port Washington and Milwaukee for over 40 years.  The station on Center Street became the Colonial Photography Studio after service was discontinued and functioned as such until recently.
The Interurban ran along the western edge of Cedarburg until 1948. The first major subdivision, Westlawn, was built in the field to the right in 1953 and 1954.
The Interurban provided a popular method of traveling to and from Milwaukee. Trains composed of one, two or three cars were used, depending upon the number of passengers expected. Even so, some riders occasionally had to stand, as shown in this photograph taken on one of the train’s last trips before service was discontinued on March 31, 1948.

Union Station in Chicago 1943

9 Oct